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Are these the 10 hardest men in football history?

by Dexter


The Sun reckons that the ten ultra-violent hard men below are the 10 hardest men in footballing history, what do you think?

Top 10 Hardmen

No10: John Terry
No9: Ron “Chopper” Harris
No8: Vinnie Jones
No7: Norman Hunter
No6: Roy Keane
No5: Stuart Pearce
No4: Romeo Benetti
No3: Dave Mackay
No2: Andoni Goicoechea
No1: Graeme Souness

Picking through this top ten The Sun have attempted to cover all bases in the nutter stakes but there can be lots of areas of complaint – what about Duncan Ferguson Tommy Smith, Julian Dicks or Billy Bremner, do they deserve to be in the list? And should John Terry be in at number 10, and most questionable of all, is Graeme Souness really the hardest footballer ever?

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