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Liverpool Offered Amazing £31m Swap Deal that’s too Good to Be True!



…So therefore it is probably fiction! Rafa offered a pick and mix selection at Real Madrid!


UEFA Champions League Soccer match, Juventus FC vs Real Madrid CF

A lot of stories in the Sunday media surrounding Liverpool have been about Xabi Alonso and an apparent offer of cash plus players for the want away Liverpool midfielder.

Naturally the tabloids cover this story and should be taken with a pinch of salt but the more respectable papers both in Spain and the UK have also reported the same story.
Add to that the fact that Real Madrid have publicly said that certain players like Heinze, Huntelaar and now Rafael Van Der Vaart can all leave among others and it gives some serious credence to the stories.

If Benitez can basically take £20 Million and a choice of one or two players in return for a player that wants to leave it could be a deal far too good to turn down.

All the Real Madrid players that have been told they can leave want to play in the world cup and all are very good players in their respective positions and in fact it could be argued that in the case one of at least one Real player that they are as good as if not better than Alonso. (

OK, I am officially begging Xabi and Liverpool to resolve this within 48 hours otherwise I may have to do myself in!

So what does this source tell us about the ongoing saga, well it offers a new angle, an angle that may or, more likely, may not be accurate. Apparently Rafa can use Real Madrid like a pick and mix counter taking whomever he chooses in return for Mr. Alonso. All well and good in theory, unlikely in practice.

If this was true though I would say the following would be a good deal. Give the Spanish time wasters Alonso (he wants to go, so let him!), and we take Wesley Sneijder and Gabriel Heinze (good left back and helps cover a problem area) and perhaps they give us £5m on top, now that seems to me to be a deal that suits all parties, right?

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