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No More Heroes? Who Will Make the Headlines in 09/10?

by Lee McAndrews


Who will fill the Cristiano Ronaldo shaped void?

Football - FC Porto v Manchester United UEFA Champions League Quarter Final Second Leg

With the season approaching at the speed of a Robinho step over there are many things to start spouting off about in the pub with your mates, things like top scorer, relegation fodder, best signing, title winners, worst signing and who will take over CR7’s title of most theatrical simulator?

Which brings me onto Mr Ronaldo, he was probably loved and hated in equal measures during his time in the EPL but no one could deny not even his biggest cynics what kind of an impact he made in his years in the league, but does his departure leave a gaping hole to fill in the role off EPL star attraction or have we readymade replacements in Rooney, Fabregas, Robinho, Gerrard, Arshavin, Modric, Torres, Lampard or will we have a new superstar that will make the breakthrough could Babel or Nani rediscover their form that made their current bosses shell out all that money for them?

Have we lost a true entertainer? Yes he was annoying with his perma-tan and when he didn’t get the decision he wanted he had a face liked a slapped ass, but he was great to watch he had the skill, pace and power to beat a man and the arrogance to showboat against inferior players, a player that everyone would love in their team (minus the bad bits) Man U fans clearly loved him, ok not all come the end, but still he must have had 90% of their support.

I have been looking through the squad lists of the current EPL teams and there are star players in their teams but not one direct comparison to CR7’s brand of football, sure there are the skilful players that can beat a man and players that are instrumental to their teams performances but there is no one quite like Ron, please correct me if I am wrong, I surely hope I am, maybe a youngster can emerge and take the league by storm but surely we would have had a glimpse of them by now?

I am looking forward to the new season like a fat kid waiting with his £1 tightly gripped in his sweaty hand in anticipation of the ice cream man coming down his road, I just hope we haven’t sold the one thing that makes our league the greatest in the world, a true entertainer.

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