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Has Liverpool Captain Steven Gerrard’s Wife Alex Curran Had An Affair With a Derby County Player?



Surely this is just salacious gossip?

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Alex Curran at the Death By Daylight event held at Bungalow 8 nightclub in London

World Cup Wags has just come across some shocking news that is totally unconfirmed, but alleged to be just in from the same person who reported the John Terry thing 2 days before it got out by the press.
According to WorldCupWag sources, a major Liverpool player is going to be moving abroad in the summer, and away from the Premiership, because his wife is alleged to be having an affair with a Derby County player. Who the derby county player could be (if true) is anyone’s guess but WorldCupWags will continue to dig deeper into this news..
Think that’s all?? Well it’s not. This Liverpool player has allegedly got a 16 year old Liverpudlian girl pregnant, and what’s more, rumours are that she’s keeping it.
Apparently everyone in Liverpool has already accepted that he’s going and he’s in court at the moment trying to stop it all coming out.
Will the big injunction help the Liverpudlian or has WorldCupWags just fuelled the Liverpool fire – Rumours or not time will tell.. (World Cup Wags)

Is there any truth to this speculation? Its going around the internet like wildfire, does anyone have any inside gossip on this? I post this whilst preparing mentally and emotionally for the Europa League Semi-Final. Come On Stevie G, come on Liverpool!

Please Note: In response to some comments, this article was in relation to gossip around the web, the source is quoted and I was merely opening the debate on the issue. More than likely this was mindless twaddle but still worth us Liverpool fans discussing.



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