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Player Strangles Referee Then Retires From Football (Video)

by Mad Dog and Glory


This is quite incredible. Jose Pedroso, a player you have probably never heard of, was so incensed by the cack-handed way the referee was performing in this Chilean Premera B match that he decided to strangle him. Yes you read that correctly. To be fair to the Paraguayan, the referee a Mr. Miranda had ordered a penalty to be retaken four times, and probably deserved it. To make matters worse, when Pedroso was unsurprisingly shown a red card for his attempted murder he then tried to kill him a second time. After the incident the player with anger management issues said.

“I’m not sorry… I understand that I will be punished and I will no longer play for Rangers or any other team. I intend to get away from football, I’d rather be at peace with my family in Paraguay.”

Thanks to 101 Great Goals for the find.


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