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The Top Ten Most Hated Men In Football: The Final Results

by CaughtOffside Team


Votes cast and counted, here are the results are after a whopping 14,356 votes!

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Ten) Mauricio Espinosa 60 Votes

Collected only a few votes as England fans have rightly elected to erase the memory of a horrible World Cup and a blind official who failed to spot a ball five yards over the line!

Nine) Robbie Savage 186 Votes

Given that Robbie Savage was pretty much despised when he plied his trade in the Premier League the Welsh international has excelled himself by Tweeting his way back into the top ten. Well Done.

Eight) Mike Ashley 523 Votes

The Newcastle owner has made being hated into something of an artform. Luckily he doesn’t let all that hatred turn into some sort of overeating disorder…oh hang on.

Seven) Luis Suarez 605 Votes

One of the few on this list who are here for footballing reasons. Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez decided to cheat Ghana out of a Semi-Final berth at this summer’s World Cup and then presumably got a few more votes from those probably felt that biting an opponent whilst playing for Ajax was a bit too much.

Six) Jose Mourinho 706 Votes

For some reason this egotistical, arrogant, self centred and overly opinionated manager with something of a god complex angers people. I wonder why?

Five) Wayne Rooney 1048 Votes

Already had his fair share of haters before he then held his club to ransom, a plan that was clearly a personal success, and then managed to alienate him with a large swathe of his club’s own supporters. Oh yes, and it transpired that the Man United striker allegedly used the services of a prostitute whilst his wife was pregnant. Classy.

Four) Cristiano Ronaldo 1992 Votes

Clearly ludicrously talented Mr. Ronaldo decides that he will muddy his own obvious ability by being a preening, diving, narcissistic individual who no one likes (his own Real Madrid team-mates included).

Three) Mario Balotelli 2569 Votes

Will only play the game with a smile on his face if he is paid the right amount, this Italian has been irritating Italians for a few years now. Inter Milan supporters grew tired of his hissy fits and arrogant demeanour and now Man City have to cope with it. Much like Cristiano, Mario has no friends.

Two) Sepp Blatter 2695 Votes

The FIFA President excelled himself this year and led the voting for quite some time but perhaps he paid some people to make multiple votes for our eventual winner, I hear that is the way Sepp likes to conduct himself.

One) John Terry 3171 Votes

Like a few others on this list, John Terry is already disliked by most non-Chelsea supporters but the England centre back, and one time captain, trumped all the opposition to win the award for the most hated man in football due in a big part to his allegedly having an affair with former team-mate Wayne Bridge’s fiancée.

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