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Gerard Pique & Shakira In Sex Tape Blackmail Plot (Video)

by Mad Dog and Glory


Her hips do not lie but it turns out her employees are willing to blackmail her anyway.

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Rumors Swirl of an Alleged Shakira & Pique Sex Tape

Are Shakira and Piqué the new Kim Kardashian and Ray J? Rumors are swirling that there is a sex tape of the lovebirds getting down and dirty.
According to TV Notas, one of Shakira’s employees is blackmailing the “Hips Don’t Lie” singer. Allegedly, if she doesn’t pay up the large sum requested, the video will be released.
Shakira Shows Some Love to Boyfriend Piqué
The gossip site says that supposedly the employee taped Shakira giving Piqué oral sex.

SOURCE: Fox Sports

How exactly did Shakira’s employee manage to tape the act in question? Did they pretend to be a table? Did they hide in the cupboard? The Barcelona defender has been romantically linked with the Colombian singer after they met on the set of the video that accompanied that god damn awful World Cup 2010 song that was released, you remember the one, the one with the chorus ‘Waka Waka’ that made you want to remove your eyes with a spoon every time you heard it.

There had been rumours of a split last year but it appears that the pair are still very much a couple. Remember if you happen to see this ‘sex tape’ contact the authorities immediately. Talking of which, who does one contact in such instances? The local police or is there a cyberspace ‘sextape’ division? If there is, do they have vacancies who studious detectives?

Below is a romantic compilation of the pair in various locations, seemingly put together by someone who may well turn out to be a stalker.

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