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Sunderland Boss Martin O’Neill is a Very Deluded Individual

by Mad Dog and Glory

O Neill Deluded

Stadium of Light boss appears to be confused.

Sunderland manager Martin O’Neill: I’m best man for job

Martin O’Neill insists he is the “only man” to steer Sunderland out of their current relegation-battling troubles.

The Black Cats are third from bottom of the Premier League and face fellow strugglers Reading on Tuesday.

O’Neill said: “So what do you do then? You go and put someone else in charge, he gets a group of 12, 13 games and can’t win any? It’s the same thing.

“I don’t want to be boastful, but not only am I the best man for the job, I am actually the only man for the job.”


Martin, Martin, Martin.

What you are saying is more than just a little deluded it is actually fairly farcical.

The idea that you are the ‘only man’ for the job is of course idiotic. The suggestion that you ‘go and put someone else in charge’ and they can’t ‘win any’ of the club’s fixtures presupposes that a) any new manager would be doing as bad a job as you are and b) that you yourself will somehow managed to garner a win or two in the next six months.

Of course it is well known that sides who appoint a new boss do actually tend to go through a run of improved form, this is well known Martin, in fact you yourself are probably more than aware of this fact.

Sunderland have won just two of their last 23 Premier League fixtures. A horrific record, especially when you consider money was made available to O’Neill to invest in his squad in the summer and the Black Cats have in fact gone backwards and not forwards since a rather turgid end to the last campaign.

It’s a kin to a mugger taking your wallet and then confidently informing you that he is the ‘only man’ who can safely look after your money.

It would have been more accurate if he had stated that he was the ‘only one’ who couldn’t do the job as that is what the facts clearly display.

It is almost as though the former Celtic boss has opted to aggressively defend his case by hammering home statements that hold no water in the hope that confusion reigns supreme and everyone forgets just how inept Sunderland currently look.

It’s a brave plan Martin, but you don’t seriously think it will work, right?

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