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Football’s Marmite Men

by Leroy Paine

John Terry Caution Sign

Football’s a funny old game. There are moments to lift you off your seat in pure disbelief.

A mazy run by Lionel Messi passing six players before rounding the goalkeeper. A David Beckham free-kick that resurrects his nation’s World Cup dreams. Luis Suarez sinking his teeth into an opponent’s arm. Yes, I did say disbelief.

As talented as some players are, they can’t help but be pantomime villains. Eric Cantona proved this.

Adored by those at Old Trafford, yet despised by the rest of the Premier League; today’s game is no different.

There are a wave of players we love to hate in world football and these fellas are just about at the top of the list.

John Terry Chelsea Wayne Bridge Manchester City Handshake

John Terry

Hated by everyone outside of Stamford Bridge, Wayne Bridge included, John Terry hasn’t exactly done himself many favours in recent years. His dedication to football is unquestionable, but sadly so is his dedication to sleeping with his team mate’s missus.

Team Bridge was branded around the Premier League for some time, whilst the Chelsea captain’s legacy at Stamford Bridge has remained unaltered.

Joey Barton Olympique Marseille

Joey Barton

It’s hard to know where to start with Mr Twitter. There was THAT sending off, THAT French accent, THAT constant barrage of philosophical tweets that make him sound like a teenager obsessed with The Smiths. It’s hard to sit on the fence with Joey.

You would imagine six-months imprisonment for common assault would mellow the man, but the midfielder has picked up 10 yellow cards and a red so far this season. Impressive, Joey.

Manchester City Mario Balotelli Why Always Me

Mario Balotelli

Off the field one of the most incredibly funny men in the world. On the field perhaps one of the most frustrating characters in football.

His career at Manchester City was full of controversy from stamping on Scott Parker to the bib incident, and enough was enough, Roberto Mancini sent him packing to Milan last year.

But of course how could you not love the man who set fireworks off in his bathroom, sorted out a school bully, and bought petrol for an entire forecourt?

Some of these have been disproved by the man himself but as John Ford once said: “When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.”

Liverpool Luis Suarez Vampire Fangs

Luis Suarez

The talent of Luis Suarez cannot be argued. He’s one of the world’s top strikers and is certainly sharp in front of goal. However, it’s his appetite off the ball which has become an issue. The Uruguayan has been banned for incidents involving biting twice, after sinking his teeth into Otman Bakkal whilst playing for Ajax and then of course the infamous Ivanovic incident which saw him receive a 10-match ban.

He has calmed down (supposedly) since Brendan Rodgers took over at Anfield and he has been a key part of the Red’s success this season, which currently sees them sitting firmly in the top four – could be worth a Betfred free bet for them to remain there.

Craig Bellamy

The heat seems to have died down on Craig Bellamy since the arrival of Suarez on English shores, although the Welshman is not adverse to a bout of controversy. His recent swing at Swansea rival Jonathan De Guzman is his first incident for some time.

The forward was a wanted man around the top flight after rejuvenating his career at Blackburn Rovers, eventually earning a move to Liverpool.

However, one golf club attack on John Arne Riise later, he left Merseyside and has since moved to his boyhood club Cardiff City.

Agree or disagree? If there’s anyone you think we’ve left out, let us know!


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