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A website is only as good as its readers, not sure if that a) makes any sense or b) is even accurate. However, the point is this: we want this site to have varied, intelligent and amusing content and perhaps some of you want to produce articles that fit the bill.

Writing for COS can also be very beneficial for you. We will be giving away prizes for the best writers of the month and we can also help bring attention to any blogs you may well already be involved with. We can do this by adding links back to your blogs within the articles you produce. Finally your writing will be seen by millions of people and you can therefore enjoy the feedback/abuse you inspire with your work.

If you’d like to apply, please email editor[at]caughtoffside[dot]com with the following:

– Club Supported
– Brief writing sample on any football topic you like be it an expletive filled rant, tactical analysis or thoughtful haiku.

We want writers from all spheres of the game from the non leagues to the top tier and across the whole globe to boot.

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