Mourinho: bow to me

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Romerick casts his disapproving eyes over the drama surrounding the Liverpool-Chelsea grudge match on Sunday:

In the wake of Chelsea’s flattering 4-1 win over Liverpool on Sunday, Blues manager Jose Mourinho has insisted that the media does not give his side the respect it deserves. The self-proclaimed “Special One”, who appears to enjoy ranting and bickering in front of the press as much as does actually managing a football team, points out that Chelsea have now won eight games out of eight in the Premiership, maintaining their perfect start to the season. Impressive? Yes. Well deserved? Perhaps. But more respect? No way, Jose.

Not when your superstar team contains some of the best players in Europe, brought to the club thanks to the limitless wealth of some dodgy Russian oil baron. Not when Chelsea’s squad has a strengh in depth unmatched by any other side in the Premiership, such that players like Paulo Ferreira and Shaun Wright-Phillips, who would walk into any other top side, did not even make the bench for Chelsea’s victory at Anfield.

There is no question that Chelsea are dominating the Premiership, but is this worthy of respect in circumstances where this success was effectively bought overnight, when Roman Abramovich took over the club and began bankrolling player purchases? I think not.

The fact is that the rest of the Premiership are struggling to catch up, with the chasing pack of Arsenal, Manchester United and Liverpool simply unable to match Chelsea’s financial muscle. The bottom line is that Abramovich’s riches alone have assembled man for man the finest team in Europe. If the squad needs improving, all Mourinho needs to do is to ring Abramovich, quote the most memorable line from “Jerry Maguire”, to get the Russian to fumble around in his pocket or reach down the back of his sofa for a few million in loose change. What’s that you say Jose? More respect? Not a chance. Not when it’s all about the money.

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