Premiership at a glance

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– Robert Pires reckons Arsenal’s less-than-invincible play as of late is due to injuries to key personnel, suspensions, and the increasing focus on defensive play from opposition sides. No mention of aging legs or failure to replace a midfield legend, though.

– Roy Keane delivered the killing blow to any remaining hope Alan Smith had of playing up front for United. The retiring legend told MUTV he sees Smith as having all the qualities to be his successor, and what Keane wants…Keane gets.

– In the biggest shock of the day, the man that Papa Bouba Diop pays to promote him has come out and said the Fulham midfielder’s good form should be of no surprise. Diop’s agent, Willie McKay, also said there will be plenty of interested parties in the Senegal giant should Fulham “decide” to sell. What a fine chap.

– Following the weekend’s drubbing at the hands of Chelsea, Djibril Cisse has come out for a quick moan about being replaced by the BFG, while Xabi Alonso seems rather disheartened about the whole situation.

– Birmingham’s Bruce Bloody Bothered By Butt Ban. Worth posting for the aliteration opportunity alone.