Jol makes Spurs fans squeal with delight

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Top article in the Independent featuring an interview with Martin Jol, an absolute must-read for every Spurs fan or any manager looking for a how-to in endearing yourself to fans.

Jol runs through the list of things-we-all-want-to-hear faster than you can say ‘I’ve got something in me eye’:

“I have an interview with a big magazine in Holland,” he tells me, “in which I said, ‘The only thing I would like is to go to the Premiership and go to Spurs’. I can show it to you.”

“There’s a big burden, but a big glory as well. The only thing you have to do is bring it back…appreciate what you have here, that is another story I tell the players.”

The interview is filled with such soundbytes and the giant Dutchman touches on numerous subjects including hiring a coach to teach his players fancier tricks, player psychology, the Santini debacle, the…err…Arnesen debacle, retirement and the pain that comes with having no hair.

Sitting second in the Premiership, a young side brimming with English talent, and a coach who says all the right things. For the first time in years, Spurs fans can take heart from being hated for all the right reasons.

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