FIFA, Xbox and EA announce Fifa Interactive World Cup 2005

Are you tired of brushing aside your mates at FIFA? Lost count of the number of times they’ve ‘accidentally’ hit the reset button while on the wrong end of a thrashing? Well you’re in luck…

Fifa, Xbox, and EA Sports have announced the second FIFA Interactive World Cup, pitting gamers in head to head battles in the only FIFA sanctioned video game tournament. In addition to a staggering amount of bragging rights (“Yeah the weather is nice today…remind me again who’s FIFA Interactive World Player of the Year?”), the winner will receive his/her trophy at the FIFA World Player Gala in Zurich on Dec 19 2005.
Last year’s first-ever winner, Brazilian Thiago Carrico de Azevedo, collected his prize at the prestigious ceremony last year alongside fellow countryman, and likely better ‘real’ football player, Ronaldinho.

The tournament will start in October, and travel to eight cities on six continents with the final in London in December. But don’t think you can just show up and start competing, you have to earn your chance to be crushed in front of your mates by an 11 year-old, visit the tournament’s official site for more details.

Of course, we all know that the real football game aficionado plays Pro Evo, but we did get our hands on a loaner of FIFA06 and they’re definitely pulling out all the stops to close the gap.