Glory, Glory Harry Kewell

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Maybe its because his Liverpool FC Official Calendar has a Harry Kewell pic for October. Maybe because he’s out of his mind. But Slakr is keen on young Harry’s return, and wants others to be too. Here’s why:

Harry Kewell. Oceania Player of the Year 2004. PFA Young Footballer of the Year 1999/2000. Saviour of Liverpool 2005/2006? Ok, maybe not.

But here’s the thing. Sure he’s been inconsistent and injury prone over the last two and a half seasons. Sure his greatest contribution to Liverpool thus far has been getting himself injured in the Champions League final and allowing Vladimir Smicer to come on. And sure, Liverpool have other, more consistent options on the left with John Arne Riise. But remember for a moment if you will the Harry Kewell of 1998-2001. Remember that after missing the first half of the 2000-2001 season, he came back and helped Leeds make the semi-finals of the Champions League. So maybe its time for the manager, the fans and the press to give him a shot at redemption. Again.

Harry Kewell has, in the not-too distant past, showed himself to be a player of stunning quality, inventiveness and class. Injuries (lets give him the benefit of the doubt and call it injuries rather than mentality) have plagued him since turning up at Liverpool, but he’s recovered from serious injuries in the past. Inconsistency and poor form have been an issue, but that’s true for all class players at times. Why turn on him now, when the cost of giving him a chance to prove himself is so low?

Virtually all of our midfield has been off-form this season — including Gerrard in the most recent games he played. Maybe, just maybe Harry can start knocking the occasional goal in. Maybe he can make the incisive passes through midfield that get us clear cut chances. He’s done all of this on occasion, even during the last two years. We can understand the frustration of the fans and the manager. This really is, and should be, the final chance for the lad at Liverpool. But since we’ve got nothing to lose by giving it to him, lets turn on the support. He’s playing in the red of Liverpool, he’s a player and a fan, and he’s certainly got the skills to deserve his shirt. Liverpool fans can sing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” to our hearts content — this time they should show a player that’s coming back from a serious injury exactly what it means. After all, wouldn’t you all like to be singing “There’s Only One Harry Kewell” after the final of the Champion’s League this year?