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CaughtOffside’s Boggs verbally strangles much-maligned referee Uriah Rennie with his own shoelaces:

Uriah Rennie is a moist wee stain on the Premiership.

His staggering incompetence is only matched by his infuriating arrogance, prancing about the pitch acting hard and ruining every football match he’s ever refereed. His latest victims are Spurs, who had to suffer through Old Trafford bias at its worst. Even taking into account my allegiance to Tottenham, I doubt any United fan could watch the reply of Lee being hacked down in the box by young Bardsley, or chavtastic Rooney taking a dive after minimal contact, and deny that the simply awful Rennie got it wrong on both accounts.

He also decided not to book Alan Smith for a number of late lunges but decides to hand a yellow to Edgar Davids for his first, leaving him banned for next week’s London derby against Arsenal.

I don’t blame the United players at all, they’re doing everything they can to win and it should be up to the referee to sort it out. But he can’t, because he’s utter crap. If I was playing and knew I could club an opposition player with a rusty pipe and get away with it, I would.

We’re talking about a ref who was relegated from the bloody Premiership and forced to take charge of lower league matches. RELEGATED. What the hell is he doing back? He hasn’t suddenly stopped being an idiot, his vision and judgement surely cannot have become perfect where once it was bollocks. Where’s the accountability? If I committed error after error at work, week-in week-out, I’d be out on my arse.

A quick internet search for “Uriah Rennie + crap” brings up 1,325 results, here’s a small sample of the public consensus:

Uriah is relegated for being toss

Uriah is voted worst ref

Uriah makes it 2/2 in ‘Worst Ref’ awards

In short, he’s a muppet who shouldn’t be within a hundred yards of a football stadium. He should be elbowed in the face repeatedly until he promises to never wear black or look at a whistle again.