Your say: Forest Fan Furor

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There was a time, not long ago, that Nottingham Forest was a great team. So its sad to see them languishing in obscurity in the middle of the third division (yes, its called Division 1, but it’s the third division), where we will hear nothing of them anytime soon. Except when Gary Megson has a stroke of genius, and invites disgruntled fans from the terraces to come in and give the players a piece of their minds.

Priceless idea. No doubt we’ve all occasionally had a few choice words for our own players… or if you’re a Liverpool fan like me, rather more than that. So fill the comments with what you’d like to say to your own. Here’s a chance to lambast the players you’ve spent so long defending on this very site, feel free to even have a go at the kit man or those smug ball boys if they deserve it.

Best comment gets a personal email of congratulations from our editorial team. Can’t really ask for more than that can you?