Desperate Danny Deep in Despair

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It’s difficult not to sympathize with Charlton Athletic midfielder Danny Murphy. Forced out onto the right wing by Gerard Houllier while at Liverpool and, despite playing quite well and making a habit of beating Manchester United on his own, wasn’t rated by new boss Rafa Benitez and promptly shipped off to the Valley (but only after being told by Spurs he wouldn’t be able to play in the middle there, either).
His England career also hasn’t been blessed with the best of luck, as he was selected for the 2002 World Cup squad but had to pull out due to a metatarsal injury. No one cared at the time, because they were busy worrying about someone else’s foot. Since then, he has continued to be ignored by Sven despite the fact that his form this season at the head of Charlton’s 4-5-1 has propelled them to second spot.

But luckily Danny has remained pretty humble about the whole situation,

“I would have myself in the squad as a different option, I can play a killer pass and I can change a game with one bit of skill or vision.

Ok so he’s not that humble, but fair play to him as he has a right to be confident about his form. At least he’s not resorting to wishing injuries upon his fellow England midfielders just so he could get a look in, right?

“Unless there are two or three – not one – serious injuries to the midfield area I don’t think I have a chance of making the World Cup squad.

“That’s the only way it would happen and it would have to be some pretty serious players.”

Err…ok…so he’s wishing injuries, sorry, ‘serious injuries’ to his teamates so he can get the chance to disappoint a nation come Germany 2006. He should really have a chat with David James to see how far that sort of talk gets you.

But don’t feel too bad for poor ol Danny, he does have some things to be happy about.