Slakr: Mourinho admits Chelsea deserved to lose, promises not to be so arrogant in future

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Slakr cannot hold back his delight at Chelsea’s league cup exit to Charlton, and promptly pisses on their still-fresh wounds:

Ok, so the headline may be a little misleading, but following the London side’s loss to Charlton in the league cup – the culprit was, apparently, luck. As opposed to the usual suspects of the referee, the linesman, UEFA, or the little old lady at the BBC who types the final score into the Teletext machine. It is astonishing that the “Special One” doesn’t believe that he’s special enough to determine luck as well.

Is there anyone (fans of the Soviet National Team don’t count) not gloating that the smug bastards will have one less trophy that any decent manager could have bought with that amount of money? Honestly, you wonder why Abramovich didn’t just buy a team in a country where you can buy the trophies. It can’t be that he’s against corruption — he’s a Russian oil billionaire for crying out loud.

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