Robot Subbuteo??

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Almost, anyway. But as you can see from the outrageous image above, UK site Firebox is selling what clearly is the greatest thing ever invented (although we’re not quite sure what that prat in the yellow is celebrating).

The whimsically named ‘Mr. Soccer Robot Football’ will allow up to fourteen user-controlled robots to wheel their way around bumping the ball in random directions before eventually it ends up in the goal while someone (presumably that prat in the yellow again) acts like it was done on purpose.

Only two actual soccer bots come with the game, in Brazil and England ‘kit’, and you can customize them with stickers and apparently even their little boots (which affects how they move, not sure if you can pick up a pair of robot preds though).

Rumor has it Chelsea have already paid 2.4 million to have first-option on one of the more in-form bots, just in case.