Jewell does a merry jig

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Wigan’s simply unbelievable form as of late (their win over Fulham handing them 22 from a possible 24 points) has left Paul Jewell milking it for all it’s worth, and who could blame him.

Much was made of Wigan barging their way into the Premiership as a sort of mini-Chelsea, only a tad less glamorous, funded by the personal fortune of JJB Sports franchise owner Dave Whelan. A supposed 25million transfer budget at the start of the season left many wondering whether Ambramovich sparked a diasterous example of rich men using football clubs as their personal toys.

However, for once money wasn’t everything and Wigan struggled mightily to sign any established players. In fact, the audacity of some of their bids left many laughing and the club was quickly returned to their place amongst the relegation candidates.

But their stunning start to the season sans-spending has given hope for football after Chelsea, and Jewell is clearly loving it,

“I did stick two fingers up at players who didn’t want to come here,” he said.

“I have told agents, ‘Listen, if you’re boy doesn’t want to come, fine. Don’t waste my time – I won’t waste yours’.

“I have probably lost one or two players by upsetting them, but you have to make a stand.”

Let’s just hope a little unfancied success doesn’t get to his head.