Keane Keen (K)On Kop…Kinda

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Supposedly Robbie Keane would ‘love’ to join Liverpool who, wait for it, he supported as a boy! As everyone knows, supporting a club as a 5 year old is the most concrete evidence of an imminent transfer and means much more than wages, European football, or proximity to beaches. The rumors come after ex-Red Alan Kennedy was quoted saying Keano would be up for a move to Merseyside.

With Patrick Vieira finally buggering off to foreign shores, Keano can finally reclaim his place as the most linked player in the Premiership. The number of teams the 25 year-old Irishman is on the verge of joining at any given time is only outnumbered by the number of clubs he actually has joined (4 clubs in 4 years before arriving at Spurs in 2002). As a fan favorite, most supporters are probably in the ‘lets-keep-him-if-he’s-happy’ camp, but after finding himself playing the role of super-sub for Jermaine Defoe in the forseeable future – it probably only is a matter of months rather than years before ol Keano moves on again.