England’s #1 spills the beans

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Rarely do we see interviews as lengthy, or as in depth, as the one Tottenham keeper and England’s #1 Paul Robinson recently gave to Spurs site From The Lane. From a fan’s perspective, a player interview really can’t get much better as the usual cliches are dropped in favor of questions that really are unique to the London club. Robinson is also refreshingly honest about everything from his contract details and Spurs fans booing their own players, to whether he could have Roy Keane in a boxing match (hint: no).

Highlights include:

Do you know what Martin Jol’s brothers names are ?

………….Robert ?………oh no, that’s his nephew isn’t it……..COCK AND DICK ! – He told us didn’t he, that was one of his raving lunatic team talks, yeah, we thought he was taking the piss, yeah, his brothers are Cock and Dick.

Who is the funniest Spurs player, apart from Naybet with his clothes ?

Oh, Naybet’s gears the worst ! You obviously noticed that. He’s got these Cowboy boots in the dressing room, I just put them up actually, on the top so everyone could see them – They are disgusting. I can’t tell you – He’s got the worst gear ever, the worst clothes.

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