Wenger: I’m not a perv

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Have things really gotten this bad for the Premiership? With Chelsea already dominating the league and the transfer market, Jose Mourinho has seemingly swept aside all others in the mind-games stakes as well.

After being accused of voyeurism, the best Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger could muster was to vaguely mention something about maybe taking legal action.

‘I find it out of order, disconnected with reality and disrespectful,’ Wenger said. ‘I will see if there is any action to be taken.’

It saddens us to see him concede the verbal battle so easily, the old Arsene would’ve fought Jose to the bitter end rather than threatening to tell on him.

With Ferguson committing managerial Hari Kiri, we’re praying Manchester United hire Johan Cruyff as his successor –then we’d have a fight on our hands.