Boggs: Big Sam at it again! Argh!

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Boggs continues his one man smear campaign against Bolton boss Sam Allardyce:

“We work to a system that other people have copied and are doing very well with…I was the first to bring 4-5-1 into this country. I will blow my own trumpet and admit it. I know where it has got Bolton”
Sam ‘Big Sam’ Allardyce

Dear ‘Big Sam’,

We get it. Sven’s reign as England coach could well be ending after the 2006 World Cup and you want to make sure you are in pole position to replace him (which you probably are and should be). But for everyone’s sake please stop heaping undue praise upon yourself at every opportunity. You didn’t invent 4-5-1, you bloody well were not the first to bring it to this country and you aren’t some kind of legendary manager for building Wimbledon II. At least know what you’re on about before engaging in such embarassing bravado.

I hate you,


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