Jewell admits fondness for dossiers

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Paul Jewell has revealed he’s taken a page from Jose Mourinho’s book in guiding Wigan to second place after a quarter of the season gone, and surprsingly it’s not spending 100 million pounds a year on new players.

The Chelsea boss is well known for his fondness of the dossier, keeping files upon files of information on tactics and upcoming opponents to ensure his players are prepared.

Responding to Chris Waddle’s comments that his side resembled Wimbledon’s ‘Crazy Gang’, Jewell wasn’t best pleased and explained that he too tends to prepare prior to a match:

“They clowned around. That’s what they did, and people are looking at us and saying we also play without fear and are a breath of fresh air. But we work hard. As a staff we’re exceptionally hard working, and as a manager I’ve dossiers upon dossiers.

“Every player in our team knows who they are playing against. We don’t leave any stone unturned, while we think we’re good, on the pitch as well as off it. People just think we say to the players ‘turn up, play and if we lose it doesn’t matter’. But that’s not the way we run things here.”