Murphy Fears The Future

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Charlton midfielder Danny Murphy has once again come out for a moan about the growing number of foreign players in the Premiership,

“There surely has to be some kind of cut off,” said Murphy. “Legally, nothing can be done so it has to be down to the game. If I was involved in the hierarchy I would be looking to influence the manager. There needs to be a blend, like at Chelsea, and it’s a worry.”

He has more than a slight axe to grind after he was frozen out of the Liverpool side, being replaced with Spanish players, by a Spanish boss, leading to him missing out on a Champions League medal. But of course, for Danny winning the biggest club competition in the world is no comparison to being able to turn up at The Valley to face Accrington Stanley in the league cup,

“I could have stayed at Liverpool and probably picked up a Champions League winners medal. I might though have been sitting in the stand that’s no good for me.”

Don’t want to call him a dirty liar, but since he’s constantly going on about how players’ England chances are hurt by playing for a small club – it seems like he’s more than a little bothered.

“I’m not xenophobic in any way, let’s make that clear,” he said. “Liverpool, though, signed about 10 players from Spain because that is what the manager knows best.”

Not xenophobic? Then of course you would never make broad, sweeping generalizations about the mentality of foreign players, right?

“Some players don’t mind sitting on the bench. I’ll never understand that. Maybe it’s a foreign thing.”

Maybe, or maybe you’re being a bit of a prat.