Merson reckons he’s as good as Mourinho

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Ex-Arsenal midfielder Paul Merson reckons Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger have only enjoyed more success than lower league managers (such as himself) because of the money and quality of players available to them at Chelsea and Arsenal (duh),

Merson, who current managers Walsall said, “Mourinho is a top manager, but do you honestly think that he could get Torquay out of League Two?”

“People like Mourinho and Arsene Wenger would struggle badly in League Two because they have not worked with that standard of player,”

“At this level you can bet that somebody will do something on a Saturday you haven’t bargained for. It used to drive me mad but you quickly learn to accept it.”

We may be assuming too much but it does seem like ol Paul is insinuating that the only reason he’s doing sh*t all for Walsall is because his players are terrible, and it’s not his fault. Although some might argue that perhaps publicly saying his players are awful is probably not the most inspired of managerial moves.