Gerrard has rather low self esteem

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Captain of Liverpool, European champion and player of the year, subject of mega bids from the likes of Chelsea and Manchester United, yet apparently Stevie Gerrard thought he was a bit crap growing up.

“I was always small in my age group,” he told the Daily Star, “and I was always worried that I maybe wouldn’t get that height or that strength to make it to the top.

“I struggled all the way through – my YTS days, through injuries and growing – and I had lots of problems with my knees and back.

“There were days when I’ve woke up, or I’ve gone home upset, thinking this game’s not for me, because I don’t think I can get there.”

Bit surprising, seem to remember him being talked about ever since he was a teenager but perhaps it was the physical side that got him down rather than any lack of talent. But what would have happened if he hadn’t stuck with it?

“I wasn’t good at school,” he added. “Academically, I’m not very clever so I think without football I would have struggled. I think there would have been problems.”