Gullit reckons Henry’s off

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Not really sure why he even has an opinion on this, but Ex-Chelsea player and manager Ruud Gullit believes we may be watching Thierry Henry’s last season in the Premiership as the Frenchman will be itching to try his skills abroad,

“I can see again that he came back from a major injury,” he told Sky Sports News. “Immediately, he comes in and scores goals.

“It means he is something special.

“We’d like to see him more in The Premiership but I don’t think it’s going to happen.

“I don’t know, maybe he is going abroad.

“It’s just a feeling [maybe] he wants to see as a player, travel around, see what it is to play in another league.”

The inventor of Sexy Football, who played in Holland, Italy, and England, doesn’t seem to have any real evidence to suggest the Arsenal striker is off. Gunners fans will surely believe that Thierry’s close relationship to Arsene Wenger and the club will see him turn down offers from the likes of Barcelona – but then many would have thought the same about Patrick Vieira.

So the Gunners might not want to take anything for granted – they should know better than most that if there’s one thing that proves true time and time again, it’s that there really is no loyalty in football.