Everton getting desperate

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Everton’s attempts to fully overhaul the effects of once having Wayne Rooney in their ranks have taken a step closer to being complete. First, they went against the odds last season and qualified for the Champions League rather than being relegated post-wonderkid as many had suggested. Now, rather than having a teenage superstar on their books they’re looking to sign late-bloomer and “Swansea’s David Beckham” Lee Trundle to turn their season around.

The 29 year-old striker started his career in the non-leagues but has made up for lost time in recent seasons and has 17 goals in 17 matches so far this year to earn a serious look from a number of Premiership clubs including Charlton and Aston Villa. But it seems Lee has his heart set on the struggling Toffees,

“Everton is my club,” admitted Trundle.

“I think deep down if a Premiership club comes in, no Swansea fan would begrudge me moving on to the top flight.

“I’m an Everton fan and I’d give anything to play for them, and I think everyone knows that.

“But I’m not going to kick up a fuss and try to get away. It would have to be a deal that was right for the club and for me.

“Sheffield Wednesday put in a bid, but it wasn’t the right football move. Wednesday are a massive club, but Swansea can be too.”

Inaccurate statements about Sheffield Wednesday aside, it would be interesting to see if Trundle could make the step up and – if so – it would certainly be one of the best stories of recent years now that John Stead has proved to be a bit crap afterall.