O’Leary to meet bitter end?

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David O’Leary’s fairly crap reign as Aston Villa manager could be about to end as bookmakers William Hill have shortened the odds on his sacking from 11/4 to 2/1 after Villa were given a 3-0 bollocking by Doncaster in the Carling Cup.

You’d be hard pressed to find a fan or website containing a favorable opinion of good ol DO’L these days, and it’s for good reason. He’s openly said his players are crap, keeps complaining about lack of available funds despite wasting 10million in the summer , and most recently he’s decided to go all out and have a go at the few fans he may have had left.

But is it really his fault? After successfully inspiring the phrase ‘Do a Leeds’, he was given a second chance at really the only club who had an owner daft enough to do so. O’Leary managed to ruin the team that had a Chelski-like transfer budget before Roman Abramovich was even considering fleeing to the UK to avoid KGB assassins, so it’s a bit mystifying as to why Doug Ellis felt O’Leary was the right man for the job in the first place (or is it?).

Regardless, it’ll all be over soon for Villa fans – although they may want to keep their fingers crossed that David Pleat finds himself another job before Deadly Doug starts his search.