Your Say: What’s Your Excuse for Essien/Mourinho Now?

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Slakr‘s hatred for all things blue continues to fester after watching some sorry scenes in the Champions League:
So this edition of Your Say has some rather special rules this week. First, its only open to those who have seen video (replay or live) of the Essien assault on Didi Hamann. Second, we would like to separate out Chelsea fans from the rest of the bunch, so just a quick indication of your team would be appreciated (this is on the assumption that there are decent Chelsea fans, who are equally horrified by their manager and player). But onto the actual point.

I cannot believe that any one in general can come up with things that exhibit less class than Mourinho. But this week he seems to have beaten even his lowly standards after he accused the Liverpool bench of crying all game in response to questions about Essien’s assault. So since we don’t expect to hear anything reasonable out of either of them, we figured we’d let the CaughtOffside fans loose on it. You’re in Mourinho’s shoes. What’s your excuse?

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