Where should Walcott wander?

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So with chairmen and players alike chiming in on the future of the Next Wayne Rooney, it seems inevitable that he will end up at either Arsenal or Chelsea by the close of the transfer window – though for all the hype the transfer fee will be less than the record paid for a teenager (currently held by the Actual Wayne Rooney).

So we’d like to know where you all reckon he should go, and why (or why not)?
Don’t limit yourself to Chelsea and Arsenal, after all Walcott supposedly supported Liverpool as a young lad and also played for Harry Redknapp at Southampton. With Portsmouth’s new funds, who’s to say they won’t land the wunderkind for 20m? Well…everyone really. But Tottenham have cash to spend, Manchester United need something to be happy about, and Big Sam will no doubt chime in at some point about how good Bolton are.

So answers on a postcard (or in the comments), best post gets one of these.