Out with the old, in with the new?

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On a day where Terry Henry continues to perfectly play the mind games required to either secure a huge contract or successfully see your way out the door with the blame firmly on the club, Gunner supporters have something else to be happy about.

After much speculation and rather boring conclusion, Theo Walcott has decided to sign up with Arsene Wenger’s side after interest from Chelsea and Tottenham. Since Theo promised to sign a contract on his 17th birthday, allowing Southampton to secure a fee for him, he will join the club as a ‘scholar’ before officially completing the transfer for 5m up front rising to 12m.

A coup for Arsenal if he turns out to be nearly as good as the hype, but the last time we saw a hefty fee paid for such a young player – it didn’t turn out quite as well as hoped. Twice.