Time to play “Name That Bung”

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By now, everyone who’s reading this article has already read ad nauseum the comments Stupid Sven made to the Iron Sheik. But because of libel laws, no respectable news source has been able to print them. Good thing we don’t aim for respectability then, eh

In all seriousness, CaughtOffside cannot name names either, unless we’re 100% sure who those teams are. And lets face it, unless you’ve got an unedited audio recording of the conversation, you’re not 100% sure either who Sven named. But one of the things we found frustrating this morning was that we couldn’t find a lot of places where a cross-section of fans were able to discuss things in the passionate manner that our readers exhibit, and so we decided to get the ball rolling.

Just to be clear, we’re not looking to figure out which managers actually take bungs. Ideally, you’ll all keep your opinions on that to yourself (fat chance). What we’re looking for is your reasoned opinion on who Sven named.

As a quick recap, here are the hints that News of The World dropped for us. Go forth young men, and spout vitriol.

  1. CLUB ONE is a struggling Premiership outfit whose manager Eriksson labelled “the worst” at taking backhanders.
  2. CLUB TWO is one of the country’s most famous names whose boss Still accused of being involved in a big transfer “scam” .
  3. CLUB THREE is another leading side which allegedly paid over the odds for players in “illegal deals”.