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Boggs digs deep to shake the hand of the fat man:

A mere 2 days after the countdown began, it’s over. Big Sam has finally come out to speak to his adoring public about his chances for the England job, although admittedly not quite how I’ve come to expect from the humble Bolton boss.

He said: “Of course being the bookies’ favourite is something I really do appreciate as it seems to be from the people’s point of view. There again it is just about me focusing on what I need to do. That is getting positive results for Bolton.”

“I want to be quiet about it (the England role) and get on with my job at Bolton and not let anything detract from that. The speculation has been a distraction, especially this week. Now it is time to move on.”

Good lord, he spent the better part of a year publicly applying to be Sven’s replacement and now that he’s the favorite he’s going to be all hush? Where’s the bravado? The unadulterated arrogance?

Well…perhaps he was worn out after this lovely rant at Mike Riley following Bolton’s match with Blackburn:

“Hidetoshi Nakata committed three fouls and got sent off; Robbie Savage committed three fouls and didn’t get booked.

Yes, there are certainly no degrees of fouls. Three fouls must be equal to any other three fouls.

“Give me a minute, and I will just prove what the referee has done today and what he’s done in the past.

Can’t wait

“He’s refereed us seven times, and we’ve had five players sent off – four in the first half.

So…Mike Riley isn’t fond of players elbowing other players in the face?

“Those stats say it all. It’s blatant inconsistency – in my opinion simply not good enough. The statistics speak for themselves.”

Yes, conclusive. Completely one sided stats certainly speak for themselves.

Allardyce added: “He’s nearly caused a riot here today when our fans decided to jump over the fence.

Yup, Mike Riley really did a bad job on that fence.

“Then it gets out of hand, and the referee loses control, and there are people flying all over the place. We’ve done very well to keep our heads.”

Well that’s what Bolton are known for these days, cool temperment and perfect disciplinary records.

Top stuff as always from the Big Man himself, may we see such reasoned responses when a missed Kevin Davies penalty sees England out of the 2008 Euros.

(quotes from F365)

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