Carvalho is a fool

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Ricardo Carvalho is an idiot. Ok, so Leo Messi committed probably the least convincing bit of playacting ever seen (with the cameras focused in on a close up, no less) but was it necessary for Carvalho to respond in quite such an unprofessional and – let’s be honest – utterly stupid manner:

‘Messi is a good player but he has opened the road for some Chelsea players to do the same thing in Barcelona,’

Yes…cause NOW Chelsea players will begin playacting. To be fair, we know plenty of Chelsea fans who have been fed up with the Portugese defender for a while starting with his ginormous price tag, complaining to the press about squad rotation and now doing the club no favours by announcing to the world (and the next referee) that Chelsea plan to head to the Nou Camp ready to prance and flop around with the best of them. Probably not the best idea.

Any bets on Mourinho’s reaction, let alone Carvalho finding himself exiled to Siberia in the summer?