Boggs: What do you get for the club that has everything?

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Still genuinely concerned for the safety and health of Didier Drogba following some apparently career-threatening challenges on Tuesday, Boggs wants to know what is wrong with the Premiership’s favourite club.

With Chelsea successfully outclassed all over the pitch in the Champions League by a club that has spent less than a tenth on transfers over the past couple seasons, something is amiss in the world of the ‘Special One’. The problem surely can not be the Great Jose Mourinho’s management, therefore, gaping holes must exist in the London’s club squad that can only be plugged by throwing immense amounts of ill-gotten cash at them.

So, grieving Blues supporters, let us know who has become expendible and who needs to be brought in to finally win the big trophy you’ve always dreamed of for…well…two seasons? Duff for Kaka? Offer Ballack 900,000 a week? Drogba for a sack of potatoes?

Put on your FM cap and go nuts.