Middlesbrough – Champions of Europe???

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For some seasons now, much has been made of the demise of the UEFA cup. There was a time where the competition held a different-but-equal standing with the European Cup as top clubs and players alike fought to mark their place in history. Unfortunately the expansion and general dilution of the Champions League has left the UEFA cup, well, rather crap and pretty much ignored.

Nevertheless, Middlesbrough are happily marching onwards after defeating a Totti-less Roma on away goals to face ex-worst-Tottenham-manager-ever Christian Gross and Swiss side FC Basle. A club with relegation still a possibility 3/4 into the season…is in the quarter finals of the UEFA cup. Excellent.

But good luck to them. It seems their slow, incredibly boring brand of football is – as always – better suited to Europe than it is the Premiership. We’d like to see them win it all, if only to drive point home about how insignificant the competition has become.