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“Afternoon Chat” finds the CaughtOffside contributors in more…relaxed…discussion of the important topics of the day where grammar, spelling and any time to formulate an intelligent opinion is lost.

Today we find Boggs and Slakr mulling over the recent handbags between Tottenham and Liverpool over who doesn’t want Djibril Cisse the most.

Friday, 3/24

Slakr: Wow. Benitez went all Wenger on your ass.
Boggs: Yes he did
Boggs: such a cunt
Boggs: seems out of character considering we werent a part of any cisse rumors
Boggs: so doesnt seem possible that he’s retaliating for perceived tapping up
Slakr: Yeah you were. Apparently you made an approach at 3:00pm on Jan 31st.
Slakr: Which no-one seems to be denying.
Boggs: that’s within the window though
Boggs: and its a formal approach, for a loan I’m assuming
Boggs: benitez seems to be responding to Cisse’s agent
Boggs: who just said we were after him
Boggs: i.e. tapping up
Slakr: So then what do you mean you weren’t part of any rumours?
Boggs: cisse’s agent is just trying to use our loan approach in jan to drum up interest for him now
Boggs: its not like we actually contacted them last week
Boggs: which is why the agent implied
Boggs: and what benitez seems to be angry about
Slakr: well. maybe you did, maybe you didn’t.
Slakr: Either way, I think Benitez is out of line. But I don’t really care enough.
Boggs: yeah i dont really care because it’ll backfire
Boggs: if he does want defoe all he’s done is push up the asking price
Boggs: if we’ll even sell to pool now
Slakr: I don’t think Benitez does to be honest.
Slakr: I don’t know why mgrs don’t rate Defoe. I certainly do.
Slakr: But haven’t seen him enough to judge if his workrate is good enough. Since I’ve only seen highlights.
Slakr: Looking at why he likes Crouch and hates Cisse, its all about workrate and team play.
Boggs: yeah
Boggs: well defoe works hard
Boggs: there just isnt always the most intelligence in his work
Slakr: Ah. A better Baros then?
Boggs: and he may be one of the worst ever players at breaking the offside trap
Boggs: baros but who can finish
Boggs: and shoot and stuff, good end product
Boggs: bad everything else
Slakr: Yeah, I think we’ll splash on Mickey.
Slakr: But its a World Cup year, which makes things tough.
Slakr: If he’s not fit by end of the season, do we gamble before the cup or risk his value going up or down significantly during the cup.
Slakr: “Robbie Keane told me he had to play because he wanted to go to Germany. A month later, I realised Ireland weren’t even going to the World Cup,” said Jol.
Boggs: such a good quote
Boggs: although i cant see that robbie thought he’d be dropped

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