Spurs’ Goal: Fair or Farce?

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After a thrilling final North London derby at Highbury, much of the post match analysis will focus on the build up to the opening goal.

For those who missed it – two Gunners, Eboue and Gilberto, clash into each other unchallenged by any Tottenham player, referee Steve Bennett waves play on after seeing the two begin to rise to their feet and Spurs go ahead to open the scoring. Wenger loses his rag enough to square up to considerably larger Martin Jol and all hell breaks loose in the stands.

The Gunners boss also demonstrated a hazy memory by declaring that the incident marked the end of fair play in English football.

So were Tottenham required to put the ball out of play when players from the same team simply ran into each other and were already on their way back to their feet shortly after? Since when were teams required to compensate for the incompetance of their opponents? Is Arsene really in any position to complain about fair play given the oft-documented antics of Pires and Reyes?

All we know is that this bitter rivalry just got a whole lot more bitter.