Who do you WANT to go down?

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Everyone seems to be focusing on who might go down or who might avoid the drop. But the more interesting question to us, is who do you actually WANT to go be banished from the Premiership forever?

Does Harry Redknapp’s saggy face and twitchy eyes get on your tits so much that you can’t wait to see Pompey go down? Did a girl from Birmingham once turn you down when you asked her out, causing irrational disdain towards Steve Bruce’s side? Perhaps Jonathan Greening scored a hattrick against you in FM2006 and only West Brom’s relegation would be just punishment? Maybe you don’t care, and the just can’t wait to sit back and enjoy the news clips of men, women and children crying as their club disappears into nothingness before their very eyes.

Whatever the reason, let us know who you can’t wait to see do a Leeds.