The Players You Hate

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As the season is coming to a close, many fans and football websites will be turning to try and evaluate the year gone by. Premiership Team of the Year, Worst Transfer, Underrated Team Of The Year. It goes on and on.

But these topics just fail to capture our imagination, their problems ranging from stating the obvious (is it really big news that Chelsea wasted money on a few players?) to the erroneous (If Makelele gets called underrated one more time, he will officially be overrated).

What we’re more interested in is which players this season have left you seething with rage and frustration – the ones who you really just can not stand. No need to limit yourself to tossers at other clubs – we’re sure there will be players in your own teams who deserve to be taken outside the ground and beaten by local school children. In fact, nominate entire bloody teams if you want (*cough*Bolton*cough*).

The more irrational the hatred the better, so let the bastards have it – who are the players you’ve grown to hate this season?