Henry The Exception

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Thierry Henry is often singled out for his talent, a guaranteed legend in the making and possibly the Premiership’s all time greatest player (apologies to Shearer).

But after announcing his decision to stay at Arsenal, when virtually everyone assumed he was off to Barcelona, he has proved he is an exceptional character as well. Moaning aside, Thierry is not a cheat and despite the occasional display of – admitted deserved – arrogance he is as perfect a gentleman as footballers come. While most had figured Arsenal’s loss in the Champions League final signalled the end of an era, it had the opposite effect. He is clearly haunted by a sense of a job unfinished and, with his side’s battling display, a renewed confidence in his teamates to match his ambition.

As Britain’s most annoying and crap pundit says, it’s difficult for any fan to say that the Premiership is not a far better place when graced by a player like Thierry Henry.

Jose Antonio Reyes, on the other hand…