Arsenal Could Be In Big, Big Trouble

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Seems like Arsenal, and David Dein, just can’t stay out of the news.

As if domestic league plight, near-European glory and almost losing their best player wasn’t enough – the club is now under FIFA investigation. David Dein has come under fire from supporters and managers alike for his role on the English FA board and what influence he had on the selection of the England manager (and lack of attempt to secure Arsene Wenger), the handling of Tottenham’s last-day-illness and even the call-up of Theo Walcott. But it could get a whole lot worse than harsh name calling from bitter Spurs supporters or Bolton managers .

But it gets so, so much more interesting after that. BBC Newsnight has reported a FIFA investigation has been launched over Arsenal’s involvement with Belgian club Beveren, with shady under-the-table payments, and dodgy transfer deals (Emmanuel Eboue), and documents apparently signed by David Dein are just some of the highlights. Arsenal have always denied they’ve put any money into the club and if it is proved that the London club secretly controlled Beveren, it would leave them open to some potentially severe punishments including expulsion from the Champions League.

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Hands up who thinks Arsenal will be found guilty, yet somehow walk away with the punishment of England being forced to start Theo Walcott for every World Cup match?