Sheva: Sink or Swim?

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Chelsea finally got their man, though it’s hardly a surprise. Arguably the highest profile player ever to be brought to the Premiership, former European Footballer of the Year that has won every major domestic cup honour and rated as one of if not the most lethal strikers in football today.

But plenty of decorated players have come to England and have, to be honest, been crap. After spending so long playing and adapting his game to the far slower and more tactical Serie A, how will the Ukranian ace react to the frantic pace of England’s top flight? He may also be playing a different role, if Mourinho maintains the same tactics will Shevchenko be able to handle the bruising responsibility of being Chelsea’s lone striker, something that the physical Drogba has managed with huge success but the more predatory (and arguably better overall player) Crespo has struggled with?

He’s 30 and probably fairly set in his ways, if he’s not ready now then he’s hardly going to make monumental changes in his game between 30 and retirement.

So will Shevchenko be a hit? Neutrals (is there such a thing?) must be delighted at the prospect of seeing a truly world class player in the Premiership. Chelsea fans will rejoice, no doubt, but are there any concerns about going the way of the Galacticos?

Dominant teams are just fine, but the inorganic way that Chelsea has built their team and success is just getting harder to admire or even respect. It’s a shame, because the supporters have no choice but to now be labelled glory hunters – deserved or not.