Sven For A Day

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Apparently all it took to erase years of mediocrity for Sven was beating a crap team. He’s been beaten soundly about the brow for his on and off pitch antics for the best part of a year now, his every decision questioned and some even calling for his head before he has a chance to ‘ruin’ England’s chances at the World Cup.

But the Swede with the awful haircut is not the only one who’s reputation is getting a second look. Peter Crouch couldn’t score, but has bagged 5 in 3 internationals. Becks was past it, yet set up at least most of England’s goals these past couple weeks with some unbelievable set pieces, and Sven is being heralded for masterminding the downfall of the feared and dangerous Reggae Boys.

So as we wave goodbye to the last chance for anyone impress or disappoint, how should England line up against Paraguay?

Has Crouch earned a starting spot, or does scoring against Jamaica not mean what it used to? Does the defensive solidity and freedom for Gerrard and Lampard tell us that 4-5-1 will get us past Brazil? Can anyone figure out how many injuries or suspensions will be required for Owen Hargreaves to actually be useful?