Transfer Window Special: Who Do We Need?

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Who do we need? It’s an age old question debated in pubs, message boards and, for some of us, with a naked woman holding a couple of pints. Two agonizing months for the club to get it right and address the glaring needs that everyone but the bloody manager seems know about.

The last time we did this, it worked out pretty well and a surprising number of you got the transfers spot on. With the World Cup coming up we’ll probably have to do this again after the tournament as who knows what players will be unearthed, their transfer value tripled by scoring off their arse while losing to Togo, before earning their place on ‘Worst Buy Ever’ lists for years to come.

So earn the praise of your peers for being ‘In The Know’, or more likely be jeered and derided for being a rumor whore. Either way, we want to hear from you:

1) Who do you support?
2) Where does your side need strengthening and who should you sign to do so?
3) Do you think your club will get it right?