Your World Cup Surprise Stars

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The transfer window has been open for almost a week, yet there are surprisingly few deals being done. The reason? A little tournament kicking off this weekend in Germany where players values can skyrocket on the basis of a few good performances, it’s no wonder most clubs want to wait until after the World Cup is over before considering selling any players.

The same applies for the buying clubs, although we would hope that most Premiership clubs have an extensive enough scouting network to not have to rely on catching a few internationals on the telly to determine summer transfer activity. Regardless, the World Cup tends to unearth talent of all levels that could earn a previously unknown player a transfer to anywhere from Watford to Chelsea.

So here’s your chance to earn some bragging rights for your staggering knowledge of the world game, or more likely your staggering amount of spare time spent playing Football Manager.

Pick your the relatively unknown players you think are about to set the world alight in Germany. We all know the Messi’s, the Ribery’s and the…err…Walcott’s, so put a little effort in and pick some real sleepers. They don’t need to be young players either, feel free to pick the 38 year old Iranian striker who you reckon will be lining up for Bolton next season.

If any of your selections end up as household names after the World Cup we’ll make sure you get your moment in the spotlight when the tournament is over, listing your name and he player you picked. It’ll make all those hours of watching grainy web streams of Liga Angolana worth it.